Final Assembly

Final Assembly Starts now. Its kinda scary to be honest. But the fun has to end sooner or later.... Building this engine has been quite the experence for me. I have given up alot to do what I have done with this car, and I have learned alot. But Luckly I have had some help from some good friends. And most importantly, the love and support from my girl friend.... Its good to know I have good people in my corner...

Heres the pics... Enjoy!

Here is the some parts fresh out of the solvent tank... So Fresh and so Clean!

Geers Engineering Billet Camshaft... Magnum Gears.



Crank Gears, Custom Machined My Geers Engineering

crank gears final


Crank Going Togther. Take notice of the New Lube A Tech Assembly Lube.... This is some trick stuff and will be used on all my motors from here on out. Check out there Racing Oil at www.lubeatech.com I will also be running there 20w 50 racing oil...

assembley final


 Crank All done and ready to be dropped in...

Crank Final

Ahh the Cranks New home. An Auto Craft Case, Extencively modified by Geers Engineering. Would love to show ya more but check out the Killer 10mm RaceWear Head Studs I got from Geers Engineering. He keeps them instock so it makes them nice when you need them in a hurry. 6 studs per clyinder. All 10mm Machine work done by Geers....

case final

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US guys Hi .

Cool some US guys on skynetblogs.

Dominic you are in link now on my blog ;-)


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